E-ISSN 2814-2195 | ISSN 2736-1667

Science Journal of advanced and Cognitive Research (SJACR) is an open access, peer reviewed online and print journal, aimed at publishing latest research findings in Physical Sciences. The Journal will comprise suitable techniques in promoting the dissemination of research findings that have beneficial relevance in all branches of Engineering, Meteorology, Space Science, Environmental Sciences, Communication industries, Science and Technical Education, Pharmaceutical and Food industries. The SJACR shall publish scientific researches that will have great impact on human existence on earth.


SJACR is essentially a Research Journal in Physical Sciences and as such; it will be constrained to Physical Science research methods only. The Journal, SJACR will cut across subject areas like Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, Computer Science, Basic and Applied Mathematics, Physics and industrial Physics, Statistics, Information and Communication Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geology, Quantity Survey, Architecture, Science and Technical education, Agricultural Sciences, Nanotechnology, Astronomy and related fields.