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Physical Science is known to serve as the basic Foundation for all Sciences, Engineering and Technology. Principles and findings in the field of Physical sciences have provided the required background for various forms of discoveries and breakthroughs that is improving the quality and standard of living in our planet today. This findings have among many made communication easy, assisted the construction of industries, have so much applications in Health, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Different aspects of Engineering, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Food science and animal productions etc. It is important to mention that without researches in physical sciences, life in our planet, as well as the exploration of the universe would have been very difficult. Journals of this nature usually serve as a means of dissemination of new findings, as well as a tool for the validation of previous results for the benefit of the immediate community and the larger society. It is strongly believe that published findings from this Journal would provide the required information that could assist the research community to develop new hypothesis that will lead to valuable theories. Thereby serving as a foundation on which new scientific discoveries and inventions will be made. It is in this regard that the board of the Faculty of Physical Sciences, Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero (KSUSTA), with the support of the KSUSTA Management and Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), wish to effectively work towards the actualization of Science Journal of Advanced and Cognitive Research (SJACR).

This Journal aims at encouraging and producing high quality research articles with global acceptance; stimulating relevant scientific discoveries and inventions; identifying and providing useful solutions to major scientific challenges confronting our universe and beyond; thus serving as a required platform for the publication of new findings that will place our institution among the world class research organizations. It is believe that this Journal will assist in achieving our tripartite mandates viz. teaching, research and community service respectively.